Dokumentation am (Riesen-)Beispiel by Gernot Starke & Ralf Müller (German)


Docs-as-Code with docToolchain by Ralf Müller @ Gr8conf Europe 2018 (English)

Docs-as-Code - arc42, AsciiDoc, Gradle & Co. im Einsatz by Ralf Müller @ JUG Karlsruhe (German)

Asciidoctor Deep Dive by Alexander Schwartz @ JavaZone Oslo 2019

Asciidoctor: because writing docs does not have to suck by Adres Almiray @ voxxed days milan 2019 (English)

Docs-as-Code with docToolchain by Ralf Müller @ Greach 2018 (English)

Docs as Code – Architekturdokumentation leicht gemacht by Falk Sippach and Ralf Müller @ JAX 2018 (German)

Documentation as code (explained to my dad) by Hubert Sablonnière

A Dozen Ways to Hack Your Brain to Write Fluently by Dan Allen

Antora: Documentation Sites for Software Teams by Dan Allen

Documentation, Disrupted: How Two Technical Writers Changed Google Engineering Culture by Riona MacNamara

Docs as Code: The Missing Manual by Margaret Eker, Jennifer Rondeau

Docs as code tools and workflows presentation

Documentation with any editor by Christoph Stoettner