Create an Issue

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In another post, I showed you how you can create an "Improve this Doc" button to enable your readers to propose changes to your documents.

Some times your readers might notice a problem with your documentation but don’t know how to directly improve it. Maybe you have a tutorial on your page which doesn’t work in a specific environment.

If this happens with code, you would open an issue! Now let’s apply this to our documents…​

In the same way as we do with the "Improve this Doc" button, we can link to the issue tracker. But there isn’t an issue tracker for each module of the documentation like there is the source for it. So how do we ensure that there is a conenction between the created issue und the documentation module?

I first saw this solution implemented for the docs created by Microsoft (great work!). Let’s pre-fill the issue form with a template which contains the reference back to the source of our documentation module.

Since I already had the Microsoft example at hand, it was easy to figure out how to do this for GitHub. Just append the title and body of the issue to be created as URL parameters to your link:

For Bitbucket, it was easy for figure out the correct params from the page source. Here they are title and content:


For GitLab it was a bit harder and I had to create a Stackoverflow question 'cause I couldn’t find the answer through google or the docs search…​ But the community also didn’t produce a result. By chance I stumbled a few days later over a the reference in the docs. So for GitLab you need issue[title] and issue[description]:[title]=This+goes+to+the+title&issue[description]=and+this+will%0Aprefill+the+body
Happy Coding!