PlantUML with Maven

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Let’s add PlantUML to our maven build. I’ll use a slightly different approach. For the gradle build, I referenced the asciidoctor-diagram ruby gem to be used. But there is also a .jar version of it which can be used. It is one minor version behind the ruby gem, but that doesn’t matter in this case.

First, let’s clean up the build a bit. I’ve added a name and description for the project at the top of the file

    <description>an example project on how to create agile documentation</description>

and also added a properties section where I define the dependency versions used in the rest of the build


That makes it a bit easier to get an overview and to update versions later.

Now let’s add the right dependency and configure the asciidoctor maven plugin:


et voilá, we have the same result as with the gradle build :-)


The versions are already set is such a way that you can switch between the Graphviz dot version and the build in alpha of jdot.

The updated docTool project can be found here: